Cubic Multi Anvil System click images to enlarge

Rockland Research Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of equipment tailored to custom applications.

Rockland Research Cubic Multi AnvilRockland's recent cubic multi-anvil system was designed to operate at pressures as high as 60 kbar with large sample volumes (1 cm3) and to be interchangeable with the Walker module. Six anvils are driven into the sample assembly by a set of anvil and wedge drivers using the top and bottom plates of the module. In the view to the right, the top set of drivers and top anvil have been removed to show the bottom and four side anvils. In the cubic-anvil module, six anvils press on a cubic pressure medium. This device, as currently configured, can attain pressures up to 6 GPa on samples comparable in size to those used in a 0.5" piston-cylinder cell.
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