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1000 Ton Press

Rockland Research produces presses that are capable of pressures up to 1000 metric tons.

Our presses are available in sizes for all experimentation arenas and can be delivered with either the Walker Multi-Anvilor Cubic Multi-Anvil apparatus.  Shown here is a 1000-ton multi-anvil press in Professor Paul Asimow's lab.  The press uses two separate modules which switch in and out on a convenient rail system: a 6-8 type Walker module and a Getting-designed cubic-anvil module.

Learn more about Dr. Paul Asimow's work by visiting his research page at the California Institute of Technology by clicking here.

TAPLUS 2000 Metric Ton Press

This is a TAPLUS 2000 metric ton press in the final stages of assembly.  It is now installed at the Los Alamos National Geochemistry & Geomaterials Research Laboratories (GGRL)

Dr. Yusheng Zhao's originally utilized this and is now Executive Director, High Pressure Science and Engineering Center (HiPSEC), a DOE / NNSA Center of Excellence and Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Nevada, Las Vegas

1000 Metric Ton Press 1000 metric ton press with custom designed pressure control system installed at APS at Argonne National Lab
Walker Multi-Anvil in press Walker Multi-Anvil Module, with pressure plates installed, in the press under load. Wires lead to internal module connectors for attachment of sample assembly thermocouple(s). Power for the sample heater passes through the cubes and top and bottom pressure plates, which are electrically isolated.