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All Rockland Research Items - Multi-Page Quote Request Form

Please use this form if you would like to view all of the Rockland Research items.  Make your selections on each page and then click next at the bottom of the page until you arrive at the page with the submit button.

A Rockland Research representative will contact you within 5 business days to either discuss your requirements or with pricing.

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Rockland Research Multi-Page Product Selection Quotation Form
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  1. Piston Cylinder Systems

    You will need at least one pressure vessel.
    Please select the size desired.

    If none are required click "Next" at the bottom of the page to continue.

  2. Piston cylinder pressure vessel?:

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  3. You will require stack components. All vessels use the same stack array.

  4. Piston cylinder stack components?:
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  5. Piston cylinder temperature controller?:
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  6. Piston cylinder pressure ramping and control system?:
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  7. Piston cylinder pressure holding system with isobaric quenching?:
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  8. Please select the press size required for your application (larger size = greater flexibility)

  9. Piston cylinder press?:

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  10. Please specify other press size if custom:
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  11. The following items are needed to fabricate sample assemblies and to remove them after a run.

    Please make your selection below.

  12. Enerpac 10 ton press/pump with accessories?:
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  13. Salt cell die set for pressing sample assemblies?:
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  1. Walker Multi Anvil High Pressure System

    Please make your selections below.

    If none are required click "Next" at the bottom of the page to continue.

  2. A complete system consists of the following items.

    Please make your selection below.

  3. Walker Multi-Anvil size?:
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  4. Walker Multi-Anvil pressure control system?:
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  5. Walker Multi-Anvil temperature controller?:
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  6. A press is required. The 1000 ton capacity press is recommended.

    Please make your selection below.

  7. Walker Multi-Anvil press?:

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  8. Please specify other press size if custom:
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  9. Expendables and other items.

    Please make your selection below.

  10. Additional set of eight 1 inch WC cubes?:
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  11. Additional set of eight 32 mm WC cubes?:
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  12. If you purchase a Walker multi-anvil system, you will also receive casting tools and instructions for fabricating sample assemblies

    You can save time by purchasing prefabricated assemblies which are offered on the last page of this form!

  1. Cubic Multi Anvil System

    If you prefer a Cubic Multi-Anvil system please make your selection below.

  2. Cubic Multi-Anvil?:
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  3. Cubic Multi-Anvil press?:

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  4. Please specify other press size if custom:
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  1. Prefabricated Assemblies and Expendables

    Save time with prefabricated assemblies and heating elements.

    Make your selection below.

  2. Regular piston cylinder sample assemblies?:

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  3. Tapered piston cylinder sample assemblies?:
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  4. Multi-anvil sample octahedra:

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  5. Special order size (2-18 mm) for multi-anvil octahedra:
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  6. LaCrO3 heaters?:
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  7. Octahedron size (mm) for LaCrO3 heaters:
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  8. Complete multi-anvil assemblies?:
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  9. Please note: 100 minimum order on all expendable items

  10. Refresh codeInvalid Input



Contact in the USA

Peter McNutt
Rockland Research Corporation
16 Tompkins Avenue
West Nyack, NY  10994
P:(845) 353-4686
F:(845) 358-9119

Contact in China

Mr. Yu Yang
China Changchun M.P.M. Foreign Economic & Trade Co., Ltd.
No. 303 Nanchang Road
Changchun, China
P: 0431-88544917
F: 0431-88525306
M: 13904325734

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