Multi-Ton Presses

Rockland Research produces presses capable of pressures up to 1000 metric tons and are available in sizes for all experimentation arenas.

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Walker Multi-Anvil

Compact and easily used, the Walker Multi-Anvil can achieve pressures up to 250 kbar and temperatures as high as 3000°C.

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Piston Cylinder Systems

These systems utilize the time-tested Boyd and England design for experiments up to 35 kbar and 2000°C.

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Cubic Anvil System

Bridging the gap between piston-cylinder and Walker systems in experiments to 60 kbar for 1 cm3 sample volumes.

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Toroidal Anvil Press (TAP98)

TAP98 allows for more versatile projects and can be used in accelerator rings for a variety of experimentation models.

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Cubic Multi Anvil

Multi Anvil

Custom Systems


Piston Cylinder Systems



Multi Ton

Sample Assemblies


Walker Multi Anvil

Multi Anvil

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Rockland Research Corp. is an internationally recognized manufacturer of quality equipment for high pressure R&D. Our offerings include a complete line of hydraulic presses and piston-cylinder systems, and we are the original supplier of the Walker multi-anvil apparatus for experiments at pressures as high as 250 kbar. Our newest product is a unique cubic anvil apparatus for the processing of large samples up to 60 kbar. Rockland has provided "turn key" as well as custom designed high pressure equipment to academic, government and industrial laboratories around the world for research in geology, chemistry, physics and the materials sciences.



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